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Moving is tedious, tiresome, exhausting and frustrating! (among other things).

Whether you are young and upsizing, older and downsizing, or you have to relocate for your job without too much notice, there are pitfalls that can send you over the deep end.

Here are just some of the common difficulties, especially if you have lived in your home for a long time:

  • You know you put your important papers in a safe place, but you don't remember where that is.

  • Your safe place is buried behind other objects that you stored to take care of "later."

  • Remember all the photos and negatives that we put in a box to be put in physical albums...but never did? Now you have to either take the time to sort or include it in your move to do it "later."

  • You've accumulated too many documents, medical records, taxes, receipts, pay stubs, etc. and your filing cabinets or desk drawers are overflowing.

  • Now you have to review all the paperwork to make sure there isn't personal information on them and thus need shredding. Shredding costs time, (yours), and money if you have so much that you need to hire a shredding company.

Here as just some of the things to do avoid all of the above:

  • Periodically go through your drawers, (especially your junk drawers) and discard the broken or duplicated, even triplicated items.

  • Flashlights: One in each room, the garage and your car.

  • One client of mine accumulated 10 more flashlights than he needed.

  • Don't forget that there's a flashlight on our phones, in most cases.

  • Ask your accountant how many years of tax returns you need.

  • I can't tell you how many people save 7-20 years of taxes.

  • It was a costly venture to shred the unnecessary ones.

  • Go paperless as much as you can!

  • Bank statements and bills are all available on line.

  • Most stores keep a receipt online.

  • Print out your pharmacy/drug bills at the end of the year for taxes.

  • No need to save the bags, tags and receipts.

  • Don't say "Someone may be able to use this some day!" If that day ever comes, you won't remember where you put that item.

  • Go through the storage room, the garage, and the spare closet periodically, if only to remind yourself of what's there.

Most importantly, keep a list of where important things are!

  • On your phone.

  • On a sheet of paper taped inside your desk drawer.

  • Anywhere that you see often.

Why not get ahead of yourself now, develop new habits and avoid difficulties later?

Contact me for help no matter your age or stage of life!


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