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De-Clutter in the Covid-19 Crisis?

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, understands the frustrations of clutter in the house.

Can't take it anymore?

Neither can I! Screaming won't chase the microbes away and we'll only get sore throats. A totally lose/lose situation.

I've been thinking a lot about how to get through the (possible) next 6 months of Covid without being buried under family clutter.

Here's what I am worried about:

  • I've had to think about it because I am furloughed. I can't go into people's homes to finish the organizing work I was doing for them.

  • I am afraid to ask whether having everyone home for so long undid all the work we did.

  • It's getting darker earlier and it will colder soon. That means people are indoors a lot more. That means the mess will get bigger.

  • How can I help?


  • Before the clutter you see as you walk into a room makes your head spin, stop and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and shut the mess out. (Trust me: It will be there when you open your eyes).

  • Slowly look around and see where the mess is. Whose is it? Is it mine?

  • Think of ways of getting the family members to participate just 15 minutes a day to putting their things away.

  • With little ones, play "I Spy With My Little Eye" things that are out of place.

  • With bigger ones, it's all about the bribes. Pay per piece of clutter that they collect and put away.

  • With spouses, or significant others: Give choices: Which room would you prefer straightening up? (Get the idea)?

NJ Expert Organizer says there are still more ways to declutter!

Here's a few perks, if you want to get started:

  • Gellman Foundation: ALL DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO THOSE IN NEED in Morristown, Dover, Jersey City, Hoboken, St. John's in Newark or Penn Station, Newark.

  • 8E Frederick Place

  • Suite 101B

  • Cedar Knolls, NJ, 07927

  • Better World Book @ American Legion Hall

  • 96 Mt.Pleasant Avenue

  • East Hanover, NJ

  • OR: google "better world books drop box center"

Best hack that I learned of: No room to stock up on freezer food?

  • Buy a small college dorm size freezer.

  • Place it next to a couch or chair but near an outlet.

  • Cover it with a lovely cloth.

  • Voila! Extra surface and extra freezer space. (Hats off to J.T.)

It's still the pandemic and I still can't come into your homes, but CONTACT ME for helpful hints via FaceTime, Skype or phone. Free consultations!

Stay safe, everyone!

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