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Organizing: Making Room in Your Closet Adds Money in your Wallet!

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, explains that an organized closet can save you money!

It's natural to want to go shopping for the new season, or just for a pick me up.

It's also easy to get lured into buying things that we really don't need because "it's a bargain."

(Although my wise daughter always cautions, "If you don't need it, it's not a bargain").

  • Not shopping mindfully often leads to buying duplicates and triplicates of things we already own, like and wear.

  • Personal case in point: Years ago we were shopping for dress slacks for my husband and bought and "tailored on the spot" several pair.

  • Upon getting the clothing home we found that he now had 6 different shades of gray slacks! Really?

Here's a Self-correcting ritual....make your lists throughout the season.

  • As the season draws to an end I go through my clothes, category by category, tossing out or donating anything I won't wear again.

  • (I even note what I tossed so I don't spend time looking for it when I think I want to wear it).

  • As the season draws to an end I make a list for each category of clothing:

  • ​Take a count of what you have: (3 white slacks, 2 navy, etc)

  • Then list what you don't have, that you may like or need, (no beige slacks)

  • Make this list for every type of clothing: shoes, t shirts, blouses, etc.

  • You can keep this list updated throughout the year.

Assess the situation: How much room do you now have in your closet?

More importantly, how much money is in your budget?

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, shows how "smart lists" will save you money.

Stretch your dollars by:

  • Shopping mindfully with a keen awareness of what you need/want.

  • Keep an eye out when browsing.

  • Prioritize what you will shop for -even pre-sales

  • What can wait till sales, and What's just extra,etc.

  • Know how much room is left in your budget before shopping for extras.

  • How much do I need, anyway?

Contact me and together we can make you a wise shopper with room in the closet and more money in your wallet!

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