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Declutter: Diving into the Junk Drawer

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz advises against junk drawers

And this is a NEAT junk drawer! Not to be sexist but I do think most junk drawers are a gentleman's domain, don't you think?

Some things I have found in any number of men's junk drawers:

  • Cords/chargers to phones that don't exist anymore.

  • Keys to homes/apartments from the last 20 years.

  • The crank handle to lower a car window. (Hey! Ya never know).

  • Multiple pocket calculators.

  • Wires without the plugs attached.

  • Wire cords to old electric appliances that you've tossed.

  • Old sucking candy wrappers galore.

  • Loose screws of various sizes.

  • Broken eyeglass frames.

  • Individual eyeglass lenses

Some things I have found in any number of ladies' junk drawers:

  • The bottom of old lipstick cases.

  • Loose rubber bands that have no stretch left in them.

  • Thumb tacks of various sizes.

  • The backs to broken picture frames.

  • Plastic utensils.

  • Mustard/ketchup and sugar packets.

  • Scrunchies..mostly with hair stuck in them.

  • Pennies.

  • Buttons.

  • Ribbon scraps from wrapping.

What to do? What to do?

Steps One and Two: Get over your horror and then have a good laugh at what you have uncovered.


  • Take the drawer out and bring it to the nearest empty counter/table.

  • Bring the garbage can to the counter/table.

  • Empty the drawer completely.

  • Throw away anything that is the window crank handle.

  • Toss things that are just yucky or grimy that you can replace for pennies.

  • Exclaim: "Oh! THAT'S where that is!

  • Group things you want or need to keep in that drawer.

  • Put things away if they belong elsewhere.


You don't have to spend a lot of money on drawer dividers, although many dollar stores have tons of inexpensive types.

  • How about the bottom of an egg carton for desk items?

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by using plastic containers from foods?

  • Line the junk drawer with paper toweling so if the drawer gets dusty or crumby, so to speak, you only have to lift out the dividers and replace the toweling paper.

CONTACT ME and I will help you find solutions, with great humor, to getting organized and de-cluttered!

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