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Organizing Eliminates "Surface Tension"

NJ Expert Organizer says lack of organization adds to tension

Ever enter your front door, or a particular room, and feel as if you've touched a live wire?

There isn't one surface visible that doesn't have something on it that doesn't belong?

This is no way to be greeted as you come home.

Here are some ideas to break up "surface tension:"

  • Just because there is a surface available doesn't mean you have to put things on it!

  • ​Clear surfaces make a room look cleaner and calmer.

  • So, put things where they belong immediately so things don't pile up.

  • Don't be a plopper!

  • Many times, while working with someone, I will come across something and ask where they would like it to go. "Oh, I am not sure...just put it "there"and I'll figure it out later.

  • "Later" never comes and now you have a "pile of plop." (Couldn't resist).

  • Time yourself:

  • Start the timer and go sort one or two piles of "stuff" into its proper place.

  • I BET it took you at least 1/2 hour to do so.

  • Confession: I had a really just a few things on my entry way table, my kitchen counter and my dresser that I just procrastinated about. (Yes, even I procrastinate if the mood isn't right). 28 minutes...28 minutes that I could have been relaxing, making a phone call or doing something else.

Don't get frustrated! Don't get angry with yourself! Get started!:

  • One small pile

  • One small corner.

  • When the surface is clear, stand back and look at how nice it looks.

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, gives great suggestions to avoid stressing over your mess.

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