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De-cluttering: Imagine. Analyze. Decide.

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, encourages imagining a situation to help make decisions.

You want to clean out your clothes closet but it

is a daunting task and you just can't get started.

Let's Revisit the game, "What If"?

As you already know, growing up my mom always wanted me to be prepared:

  • Do your homework first: What if someone calls you to play outside?

  • Study for the test early: What if you get sick the night before and can't concentrate?

You get the point, I'm sure.

I have a twist on that game to help us prioritize what stuff we value and/or need most.

To understand my point you really have to suspend reality and play along. Ok? Ok!

What if you're told that you have to pack 20 main items of your clothes, taking only what was important, looked good, made you feel good and you would miss if you didn't have it?

  • Take those items out of your closet and group them either by category or by what goes with what.

  • Ask yourself if you wear them enough to keep in your wardrobe.

  • Set them aside.

What if you're told that you must take 20 more main items of your clothes and donate them to an anonymous person in need or an organization.

  • Which items haven't you worn in a year or two but are saving, for "just in case?"

  • Which items are old, but tried and true, yet you could give them up?

  • Which shoes are good for sitting at your desk or a restaurant table, but they aren't really comfortable. They're almost "for show."

  • Set those aside in another place.

Now! Take a look at what is left in your closet.

  • The remaining items are clearly things that you could add to the donate list.

  • Take them out of your closet to make better use of the remaining space for your "keepers."

  • Take a break and do something else.

  • Come back to review what you have decided to get rid of and/or keep. Still feel the same way? Make any changes you feel are necessary.

  • Put your "keepers" back in the closet in a neat and orderly fashion.

  • Put your donate clothes neatly in a bag for the recipients.

CONTACT ME if you need more ideas and/or help in doing the work. Together we will get it done!

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