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De-clutter That Procrastination Pile!

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, says that procrastination turns into piles.

We're all busy, busy, busy. We all say, "Oh, just put it in the "To Do" box or pile. Well, count the piles or the containers that are around your house.

If you have more than one I think this blog is for you. Because the piles will only grow, then company will be coming so you run around putting more "stuff" in the pile...or make new piles. Now you really have a lot of work to do...but you're too busy so you make more piles.

Working with the owner of the home pictured above we went through all the piles in under 90 minutes by effective sorting.

We learned:

  • That most things took less than 10 seconds to put in its right place.

  • Lots of pieces of paper to recycle...and we put it in the garage immediately so it didn't become its own pile in the bedroom.

  • To put things away right away to avoid piling up hours of work.

  • That cleaning off the dresser top inspired my client to tackle the "stuff" in the bins on the floor with less fear and trepidation.

We found:

  • Cash in empty envelopes...not a whole lot but enough for a night out or so.

  • Newly bought items that "went missing" but still hadn't been tried on.

  • Important bits of information on paper scraps that were buried.

  • Lots of "Oh! I was looking for this!"

It's November and company is coming, or you may be traveling.

  • Be less stressed by starting on those piles now.

  • Enlist a friend and then return the favor and help them.

  • If you need more than that, hire an organizer to keep you on track.

NJ Jersey Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, offers many services to help you declutter.

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