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NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, suggests that organizing and decluttering islike letting fresh air in.

A client frantically called the other day: "I have too much stuff in my kitchen! I am choking! I can't do this alone! When can you come?"

Well, she did have a lot of stuff but not really an overwhelming amount. As in most busy households with family members running in and out, the issue was more that the "stuff" was poorly organized thus crowding her cabinets and making items inaccessible.

All that this busy working mom needed was a designated time and effort to take control.

So what did we do? (And I stress "we" because it feels so good to have a sense of taking control over your own space).

  • We worked in one section at a time: pantry, pots and pans, flatware, etc. This lessens anxiety and makes the task easier.

  • We emptied all the items and put them on the dining room table, like items with like items.

  • We discarded anything that was worn, old (like scratched Teflon pans) and broken. (Recycling along the way, of course).

  • We made a pile to donate serving dishes, etc. that my client hadn't used in years or didn't like anymore.

  • Now we were left with just what my client wanted to keep. ("Wow! I forgot I had that. I really like that piece.")

Bins and containers!!! Bins and containers to the rescue!!!

I am a firm believer in getting clear plastic containers, bins and sectionals to reorganize and best purpose your kitchen drawers and cabinets. Here are the benefits:

  • Perhaps some crumbs, dust or water falls into the drawer.

  • By using bins you only have to clean out that section instead of the entire drawer.

  • Things spill in the pantry. This keeps cleanup to a minimum.

  • Everything is in plain sight. No more "Where did I put my peeler?" You know where it is because it's in the space with food prep utensils.

  • Lazy Susans: These are essential for:

  • Deep cabinets so that everything can be up front.

  • Under the sink so supplies are readily handy.

  • Refrigerators so you won't find "fuzzy food" that got lost in the back of the shelf.

  • When we were finished with the kitchen, my client and I both stood back and took a deep breath!

  • The cabinets and drawers seemed much larger and more spacious than before without any crowded or hidden items.

  • Everything became visible, accessible and neat with an easy to maintain system.

  • The family members are on board to keep the system humming.

  • The problem is solved.

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, says you'll breathe a sigh of satisfaction when organize.

want to open up your space, (any space) and breathe in the fresh air that comes with a job well done!

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