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Organizing is Taking Command

Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, uses command hooks to take control


I use them in all sizes and places to maximize the surface space I have and keep everything at hand.

Here's how I use command hooks:

  • Daily items, such as keys, can be kept inconspicuously near the door. No more fumbling through pockets and purses. We just have to get into the habit of putting the keys there.

  • I hang my measuring cups and long kitchen utensils, such as spatulas on the inside of my kitchen cabinet doors. No more losing time rifling through the drawers looking for the right one and no more leaving that mess behind.

  • I hang a scissor high up on the side both of my medicine cabinets. No little hands can get them and they are there at the ready.

  • I recently spent 2 hours separating all my silver chains. Arggh! By hanging each one on its own tiny command hook in my jewelry space, away from one another and never to be tangled again I won't have to get aggravated and waste another bunch of hours.

  • Hang brooms and mops on a side wall of the linen closet or between the refrigerator and the wall. Out of sight and off the floor!

  • Neaten up the garage and make everything visible and accessible by hanging all the garden tools, ladders, shovels.

Hooks can be utilitarian or decorative:

  • Hooks can be interesting and innovative, becoming part of the decor. You can find them at home decor shops, garage sales and antique stores.

  • Hooks come in many styles, plastic or metal. My favorite is the clear backed, (removable) peel and stick ones, so that all I see is the hook and the item.

  • Hooks come in all sizes holding any amount of weight.

Anything that needlessly takes time away from my day is anxiety producing.

NJ Expert Organizer shows how an organized  space is stress free.

Searching for items creates unnecessary stress. Contact me now and we can "hook up" to make life just a little easier.

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Gift Certificates available to give someone special the gift of time.

NJ Expert Organizer offers gift certificates

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