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Get Organized For a Productive New Year

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, says "Organizing starts with the first step."

Happy New Year everyone!

Is one of your resolutions to get organized, declutter and use your space more wisely?

For some, this is as hard as resolving to losing weight and going to the gym. (I'd rather organize, as you can imagine). Whatever your resolution, it all begins with small first steps. Here are some ideas to get you started:

First, walk around the house and take notes, mentally or otherwise, as to which space is the most disorganized and needs the most work.

  • If it's a teenager's room...just shut the door and let them deal with it.

  • Tackle the worst area first and work that room or closet. If you save it for last you may run out of steam and will avoid it.

  • Decide an "end date" by which you would like to see each area finished so that you have a concrete goal.

Second, always keep like things together to eliminate rummaging.

  • In the refrigerator: condiments with condiments, sauces with sauces, etc, whether in your door or on the shelves.

  • Spices should be in one spot near your cooking area, and if you really want to save time, alphabetize them! It really does save time. (I kid you not!)

  • Get drawer separators:

  • In the kitchen for separating large serving spoons from forks, etc, to avoid fishing around till you get the one you like.

  • In your bedroom drawers for separating socks, whites, dress, etc.

  • Hang like things together. Some like their clothing color coordinated to make choosing outfits easier. But minimally, hang short sleeves with short sleeves, etc. so no items get hidden behind others..

Last, Rome wasn't completed in one day and neither will your decluttering.

  • Start with one small section of whatever area.

  • Take things out, sort for keeping and discarding. (And a maybe pile).

  • Put things back logically. That may mean having to purchase some bins, or baskets or shelving, or even repurposing a particular space.

  • The minute you start getting "sloppy" or tired about replacement, stop and come back another time.

Marilyn Labendz, NJ Expert Organizer, says that organizing is the start of a great journey.

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, highly recommends the gift of organization.

Give the gift or getting organized to someone you care about.

And please remember to "like" and "share" this page on all your social media. Much appreciated.

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