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Organizing Finds Space

NJ Expert helps you find your items with ease

How much time do you waste looking for a cooking utensil, probably one that you don't often use but need now?

Do you have lots of kitchen "stuff" that won't fit in your drawers?


One of my clients cooks a great deal, but has a small galley kitchen, with just 3 double cabinets and a single one on top. And, she keeps a kosher home so there are 2 sets of dishes, pots and pans and utensils.

How can organizing, without discarding any items, stretch the space that already seems filled? Glad you asked!

We use surfaces and spaces we overlook: The inside of the cabinet doors, above the cabinets, and create an extra shelf on the shelf.

NJ Expert Organizer finds more space for you.

  1. We took all the serving utensils, hand-held puree machine and cheese graters and placed them in one clear container, ( a Dollar Store carries them or you can use other more expensive brands), and labeled the contents on the front. This de-cluttered her utensil drawer which is quite narrow.

  2. We added another clear container for coffee paraphernalia, such as the bean grinder, coffee makers, etc., labeling it as such.

  3. We used easily removable sticky hooks to hang measuring cups, scissors, and wooden toast removal tongs and placed them inside the cabinet doors.

  4. On top of the cabinet we place her big salad bowls and a mini-Cuisinart in a lovely basket, in effect creating another cabinet.

Our next planned project:

1. We plan on using metallic strips to hold her spices on small metallic shelves inside another cabinet, freeing up one of her few drawers to better utilize that space, which frees up another space.

2. We will make good use of the inside of her doors by hanging her pot covers. You can use either command hooks or tension rods to hold pot covers inside the doors.

3. Stay tuned for the next phase of this project...

NJ expert organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, has lots of bright ideas


I have lots of bright ideas to maximize the space you already have.

Contact me and I will be happy to help!

And remember! Gift giving season is just around the corner. The gift of an organized space is a loving gesture.

NJ Organizing Expert Offers Gift Certificates

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