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De-Cluttering As An Act of Courage

NJ Expert Will Help You Face Your Decluttering

Is that you hiding your eyes from the task at hand? Can't face that very first drawer?

De-cluttering and then finally organizing takes a lot of energy...mostly psychological, in order to get up and get started once and for all.

Cleaning out and de-cluttering is an act of courage because your confronting just how much "junk" you actually have accumulated.

5 Easy Steps To Get Ready To De-Clutter:

  1. At the risk of sounding like Mary Poppins, put some music on that will make you want to move. Gloria Estefan's "Conga" is a great one!

  2. Line a medium size waste bin with a plastic grocery bag. This will save you time washing out the bin from some yucky stuff you are bound to find, and it's just a twist and you can toss the bag!

  3. Keep a dry rag with you to wipe things down.

  4. Bring a few sandwich baggies for miscellaneous parts of things that you find along the way. You don't want to toss out extraneous fittings to an item you know you have but misplaced. As soon as you toss the fittings out, you'll find the item.

  5. Keep your phone with you. If it rings in the other room and you go and get it, you'll be distracted and you will forget to go back to the project. (I know whereof I speak).

A Small De-Clutter Project: A client's nightstand I did in 15 minutes:

  1. All papers were segregated and put in a pile to review to either file or toss.

  2. 4 pair of eyeglasses put in one stretchy case. Those that are not the right strength will be donated at the eye doctor's office.

  3. Lifesavers, gum, sucking candies and their wrappers---gone. I put a little glass container in the drawer to hold some extra new ones, in case of an immediate need.tissues, etc.

  4. The remote? Returned to the proper room. (What a concept)!

  5. 4 pair ear buds wrapped and secured in a sandwich baggie, ready to be tested out.

NJ Expert Fixes Messy Nightstand Drawer
NJ Expert 15 Minute Organized Night Stand

In 15 minutes...everything is in one layer, easily accessible, neat and clean.

It really is a matter of taking that first step. You can dive into a big project or just take your first step, a baby step, to get you on your way. Contact me and I will guide you the whole way through.

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NJ Expert Marilyn Shain Labendz Offers Gift Certificates

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