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How To De-clutter and Donate

Marilyn Shain Labendz NJ Organizing Expert can organize your closet

Are your closets over-stuffed?

How many items of clothing, toys, books have you been holding on to thinking that someday you'll do your closets?

What's the rush, after all it's just your closet? This is true.

It is just your closet. It is just your space, but de-cluttering and donating could fill a need for someone else.

Let's get started on your closet.Ask yourself these questions when browsing through your clothes closets:

  • When was the last time I wore this? Will I wear this again soon?

  • Would I wear this to meet someone I haven't seen in a long time?

  • Is this comfortable and do I feel good wearing it?

  • Do these shoes really fit?

  • Why is this still in my closet?

Ask the same type of questions at your linen closet:

  • How many sets of sheets do I need and use?

  • Are there any towels, sheets, washcloths, that we haven't used in 6 months? (Not counting beach and outing supplies).

  • How many extra pillow cases do I really need? (Yes, save a few for costumes for the kids. Why not?)

What's the end result of your steps to de-clutter? You have more efficient closets and someone else has needed items!

NJ organizer can help you help others by de cluttering.

Whether you choose to donate your items to a shelter, to an organization or even to a consignment shop, you are accomplishing a great deal of good.

People in need will make good use of your items and you get a tax deduction on your donations and/or earn a little money. Everyone wins!

Don't have the time or the energy for this project? Just Contact me and together we will get it done quickly!

A friendly suggestion: Don't know what to give a friend or relative when a gift is in order? Gift Certificates are available upon request!

Give the gift of organizing with NJ Expert, Marilyn Shain Labendz

And, please don't forget to share our blog with your friends on Facebook and other social media.

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