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Re-organizing Sharpens Your Mind.


Not only does having an organized space make life simpler and more manageable, re-organizing and re-examining that space is an exercise in sharpening your creativity. This is true for any age or stage in life. (And, no, this photo is not me).

Re-organizing makes you think in concrete terms but not about serious things. Re-organizing stimulates your brain.

Here's how I found lots of space for some medical supplies that will take up a lot of closet room in my small but already organized apartment.

I started with the top of my bedroom closet and looked into my neatly stored 30 scarves that took up two sizeable plastic storage bins. My thoughts:

  • I don't wear blazers anymore since I don't go to an office anymore.

  • I don't like the feeling of scarves around my neck, especially silky ones.

  • I haven't worn them in years.


  • I am selling them at the consignment shop.

  • I now have half of a top shelf free!

What to do with the few shawls that I still have use for? My thought: How can I store them without taking up shelf space?

  • I unrolled and pressed them out and hung them on a 4 armed slacks hanger. (While slacks on a hanger are bulky, flattened shawls are not.

  • This new arrangement only takes up 2 inches of hanging space and frees up 1/2 top shelf!

  • If I don't wear any of them within a year (or 2) you can bet I will either give them away or sell them, leaving myself a black one and a white one.

What serving dishes have I not used in the past 3-5 years, (that I paid to have moved 3 times)?

My thoughts: What are the odds that we will be entertaining 20 or more people in our 3 room apartment as we often did in our home with a lot of outdoor space?

  • I took the ones that I hadn't used in years and put them in the box to sell at the consignment shop. (Getting rid of the dishes does NOT get rid of the memories).

  • I gave some to my children because they do entertain.

  • I used the freed up space in the sideboard to hold items from a closet in another room.

  • Lo and behold, another whole shelf available.

Re-organize and  re-organize with NJ expert Marilyn Shain Labendzz

Clearly, I love organizing and re-organizing, but not everyone does. However, we all need to be organized, maximizing space and minimizing waste.

I have lots of ideas to either help you get started or do the whole project. You just need to contact me!

A friendly suggestion: Don't know what to give a friend or relative when a gift is in order? Gift Certificates are available upon request!

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