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4 Steps to Get Organized & Reclaim Time

Need more hours to your day? Organizational expert Marilyn Shain Labendz can help.

"Did anyone see my keys?"

How many minutes to do you lose looking for something you need? I would bet that it's at least 15 minutes.

Let's strategize on being better organized.

I bet that this happens at least 4 times a week, if not more. Lets talk about getting organized so you can better enjoy your day.

If you are not organized and you can't find things, can you relate to these scenarios?

  • You get so upset that you keep dropping things that you are holding. You bend down to get it and you drop something else...over and over again.

  • If this happens before you are leaving your house and you have to drive, you have to take a deep breath first so that you can drive safely.

  • You get angry at yourself for being careless and that doesn't help anyone, least of all those around you.

  • You make more of a mess looking for the item, which causes more anxiety and takes more time to straighten up.

Follow these 4 steps to be better organized so you can enjoy your day. Stay tuned for more in another blog.

  1. Don't put back in the closet something that you tried on that doesn't look good or make you feel good today. It still won't look good tomorrow so why put it back? Toss or donate it now.

  2. Have one designated spot for your keys, important mail to deal with, (extra reading glasses if you are of that age), and anything else you need on a regular basis. Add your phone to that list if you don't carry it around with you. Eliminates the annoying "Did anyone see my keys?" question.

  3. Repeat the above for each member of the family so YOU don't hear, "Mom, Dad? Have you seen my...?" Train them NOW!

  4. If you have a smart phone use the "Notes" app and make a folder, or make a note in your hand calendar: "Where I put..." Trust me, if you hid a gift and you can't remember where this will save you time and money because you won't have to go and buy a replacement, then get aggravated when you do find the original.

You'll give a sigh of relief after Marilyn Shain Labendz organizes you!

Say "Aaaahhhh..."

Being organized in your daily life can regain moments to sit for a quiet moment and more.

No time to organize? Contact me and I will do it for you and give you those treasured free moments.

A friendly suggestion: Don't know what to give a friend or relative when a gift is in order? Gift Certificates are available upon request!

Give the gift or organizing with expert Marilyn Shain Labendz

And, please don't forget to share our blog with your friends on Facebook and other social media.

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