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You Can Get Organized & Celebrate!

Mariyn Shain Labendz, NJ Organizing Expert, can get you organized.

Frustrated at not finding what you need for the holiday barbecue?

How can we celebrate when we are aggravated by a home, office or closet that needs to be organized?

The time to "light that firecracker" and get moving on changing habits that keep us from being organized is RIGHT NOW!

Here are some difficulties and solutions that will help you get organized:

  • Keeping things so as not to lose the memory it holds...Take a photo of it and keep it on your computer or phone. Better yet, hold or wear the item in the photo to make it even more personal.

  • Seeing the whole project instead of just a portion creates procrastination. Set a timer for 10 minutes a few times a week at the same time and pick one corner, drawer, shelf, whatever to start the project going. Once you see a little "dent" you may find yourself doing it more often.

  • Throwing things out creates anxiety. Take a deep breath and focus on the good that will come out of having an uncluttered space. Ask yourself why cleaning out makes you nervous. Tell yourself that you can accomplish a lot even a little at a time.

  • Thinking less of yourself because your living space is cluttered and messy. There are enough challenge that come our way. Having a peaceful environment allows us to deal more calmly. Why waste energy on things we can change so we can cope with the things we cannot? Not everyone's talent is organization. Contact an expert who can create the organization and give you the tools to maintain it.

The time to celebrate all that we have, even if it is messy, is NOW!

The time to celebrate yourself is NOW! Let's get organized!

Get organized and find time to celebrate with Marilyn Shain Labendz NJ Organizing Expert

Contact me and I will help you light that firecracker to make your space one that sparkles with organization. Let's get organized now!

A friendly suggestion: Don't know what to give a friend or relative when a gift is in order? Gift Certificates are available upon request!

Gift certifiates for organizing with Marilyn Shain Labendz


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