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Too Many Choices? Organize Your Space!

NJ Organizer Marilyn Shain Labendz can help you organize your space.

Did you ever feel like screaming when you look in your closet because you can't figure out what to wear?

How do I love my black slacks? Let me count the numbers. How many types of black slacks do we have? Too many!


When we have too much to choose from decisions are more difficult and can make us anxious, and certainly make us late for appointments.

Because I sifted through my closet several times, I now have much less clothing than I have ever had before.

For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is a greatly diminished amount of closet space, I'm more organized.


Getting dressed can be made easier!

Here's what I now know: Build a basic palette of colors for skirts and slacks makes it easier to build outfits and vary them.

  • We don't need multiples of every item. Yes, a few black slacks and skirts are important because of length, texture, weight. But no one needs 8 black slacks and I've seen closets like that.

  • We don't need to wait for something to come back in style. (Yes, everything does come around again, but the fashion industry always changes it just enough so that your old ones are still not right). Toss your old bell bottoms.

  • We don't need to add more anxiety to our lives by holding on to clothes that are too small because "we're gonna lose the weight." It took a while to gain the weight and it will take more to lose it. By then the styles are different. Give away or donate your smaller clothes and let someone else benefit from them.

  • We do need to have a variety of accessories in different colors to change up a basic wardrobe, belts, scarves, etc.

  • We do need to get rid of anything we go to put on and always put back because it's just not right.

An organized space is a stress free zone

Organize your space...

Having a neatly organized closet, with even room to add a new, special item here and there, I find that it makes dressing easier, takes much less time and starts my day off in a lighter mood.

I'm more organized!

Contact me and I will work get you into "the zone."

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