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Organize Your Home With Spring Colors

Marilyn's organizing tips use color to make a happy project!

Use Color to Organize!

Spring is officially here, even though outside may still feel like winter where you are. So bring color into your house whenever you can.

Here are some happy ways to bring color to your spring organization:

Filing systems: If you don't have a filing cabinet, there are "Do It Yourself" projects for the handy person to cover a strong cardboard box with fabric and a glue gun. For those of us who are not handy, think in terms of a crate that you can find at a dollar store, an interesting box that you find at an antique store or the like. Be creative and as always, try to "think out of the box."

1. Get different color file folders for each category:

There are companies that sell not only the hanging holders but the individual files that go within. Red for very important information, for example, Blue for medical, Orange for insurance, etc. Within each hanging folder you can insurance, house, jewelry, etc.

2. Another option is to have a folder for each person in your family within major categories: medical bills for each child, for example, but keep the colors consistent. Johnny gets yellow, Susie always gets orange, etc.

Get Your Kids in on the Action: Make a Rainy Day a Colorful Project:

Marilyn Helps Your Kids Get Organized

Use these colorful way to help the kids organize themselves, and make decisions for themselves. That always helps.

1. Clearly, designate a drawer for each category of clothing. If you don't have a lot of drawers, socks and under garments can go together, long sleeve and short sleeves shirts together, etc.

2. On each drawer put a colorful label to remind them of what's inside. Let them decide what the label looks like. You can affix the label with easy remove tape. (Drawers for pj's, sweaters and sweat shirts, etc).

3. Drawer divider art project: Take cardboard that they decorate. They can cover the cardboard with artwork they have made, or cut out of magazines and paste,etc. to keep socks organized by color or from other items sharing the space.

Contact me for more fun, colorful organizing projects to bring spring into your home. And remember, I can always do it for you!

Happy Spring!

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