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How Organizing Can Help When You Can't Give Up Your Stuff.

Noooooooo! Need help? If you can't give up your stuff, you do!

Does organizing horrify you?

I just listened to George Carlin's routine about "Stuff."Very funny and very true. "Houses," he says, are just piles of your stuff with covers on them."

And should we get robbed, "while going out to get more stuff, they only take the good stuff. Nobody else wants your 4th grade math papers!"

Organizing or Downsizing, the dilemmas and the decisions are the same.

1. What defines me?

2. What are my prized possessions...(Or do they possess me?)

3. If I had to leave in a hurry, what could I not part with?

4. What items do I have that I haven't looked at or used in the past year or two...or ten?

5. What things are worth the physical and financial cost of moving from place to place?

6. Can I rise to the challenge to benefit myself and my family?

7. What can I donate to benefit someone else?

At Organize Your Space - Organize Your Life, we are experts at packing up your boxes.

What's in Your Boxes?

Contact me and together we can sort through your "stuff" and lighten your load. Then you'll be able to lessen your stress and give up your stuff feeling good about it.

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