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Organizing Doesn't Have To Twist You Into A Pretzel...

Don't twist yourself into a knot, contact Marilyn at Organize Your Space - Organize Your Life.

Don't get twisted into knots!

It certainly feels as if spring is on its way. (Don't we hope)? Thoughts of being outside, enjoying the air, smelling the new buds...until WHAM! The thought of spring "cleaning" comes wafting through the air and lands straight in the gut.

I remember when my aunts would change their slipcovers twice a year and switch from winter to summer curtains and back again. Those activities have pretty much gone by the wayside. But what does remain is getting the clutter out of the way so we can do the simpler, less mentally taxing cleaning.

Here's the plan to start now before the weather stays nice:

1. Decide which room needs the most attention and the most work. Do that room first because you may not want to deal with it last, when you get tired out. Then it only will be worse the next time clean up comes around.

2. Play your favorite music, hopefully upbeat, while you are going through the room. Maybe spring cleaning can be an aerobic exercise.

3. Straighten out the stuff on the shelves and make them neat before attempting to place more things on them.

4. Put like things together so that it makes sense when you go looking for something.

5. Take time between rooms/drawers/cabinets/closets. Do something nice for having accomplished each task.

Here's a great idea.

Making lists helps in organizing. Contact Marilyn for more info at

I was helping someone clear out her house prior to staging it for sale. She had been in the house for 30 years.

Clearly, we tossed, donated and rearranged a huge amount of items but she was worried that she would forget where we put things in the new arrangement. So I made a list:

"Albums --family room armoire.

Greeting cards---desk in family room.

You get the idea. We put the list on the computer and a hard copy inside one of her kitchen cabinets and even a pad in her bedroom. She could locate anything in a minute.

Let's get started right now so that when you start your organizing project you don't get twisted into a pretzel.

Please Contact me for ideas or to work with you.

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