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The Opus of Organizing

The Opus of Organizing is practice. Contact Marilyn to learn more.

Learning to be organized is much like learning to play music.

What is an Opus anyway? Wikipedia defines an Opus as "any artistic work, especially one on a large scale".

Immediately we can compare an opus with a large organizing project... Thus,our Opus of Organizing.

How do you organize?

Some come by it naturally, for some it's a daunting task.

Most need someone to guide them and teach them to learn to read the notes and build lesson upon lesson including the repetitious practice of scales, etc.

Some love to practice and others find it nearly dreadful. Some catch on quickly and can draw upon each lesson and move forward. Others not.

Finally, the outcomes both good and bad are similar. Either you can delight yourself and others by being able to play a tune or you just make a lot of noise.

You can either walk into your home, and see order or you have to make your way through a mess.

What kind of music plays in your life?

Organize Your Space - Organize Your Life with Marilyn. 973.809.9181

Getting Organized is NOT a lock-step's as individual as you are.

When working with clients my first question is always: "What part of the mess is the worst for you?"

Some answer with a project as simple as "my recipes" or "my drawers."

Others like to start with big projects such as their office which hasn't been touched in months or years.

Whatever the first step is, a baby step or a giant leap, the important thing is to take it. Believe it or not, I'll get you in a groove that will start you dancing.

Here's a fun development that was an offshoot of a simple task: I was organizing someone's recipes and we were chatting about the guests to whom she served a particular meal. She mused that she never remembers what she cooked for any particular group of guests.

So we started an entertainment file, (on her phone of course, but it can be done in a file or a notebook, or an Excel spread sheet). Date...Guest List...Foods Served...and for later, How the Meal Went. (We even added what she wore that evening).

Moving forward she will have an easy way to keep track of what comes out of her organized kitchen.

Ready to get Organized? Marilyn can straighten our your mess.

Creating music is a work in progress...and so is organizing.

"These notes don't sound right" is no different than "this item works better for me placed over there."

It comes down to being in sync with the rhythm of your daily routines, making your "stuff" accessible and functional.

By keeping your ears and eyes open to the melody in your home, or closet or desk together we can orchestrate easier living.

Please Contact me and we can see what note to start on.

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