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More Great Ideas...Under a New Name!

Hi, folks! I missed you last week but needed to take the time to reorganize myself, due to a trademark technicality. A Place for Everything is up and running again, but under a new name: Organize Your Space - Organize Your Life. The same great service you've come to expect.

Anyone here stressed? Time just whizzing by and not enough time to finish your tasks? Too much packed into one day?

One of the things that takes up so much is looking for a specific note or document that you need right now but you put it "somewhere" and you don't remember where. Not having a designated spot is the kiss of death!

Hint: Tax season is upon us so make your life easier with a good filing system and I can help with that, easily.

(Funny story...and true. You know I talk about my mom who was the queen of organization. She had her tax files so organized in 2 shopping bags that when she went into her audit, the IRS agent couldn't believe his eyes and she proved that the government owed her money!)

Pace Yourself! Organizing takes a plan, time and patience. It's not done in one day but you have to take that first step.

One of the most important part of organizing is putting in a system that you can use and re-use during the whole year. What will happen is that your system will become a part of the way you operate... If you have kids they will catch on, with a little guidance, of course.

Involve the whole family...especially if you have kids!

You can teach little ones to sort things, such as laundry, silverware from the dishwasher, play clothes from dress clothes. It takes a while but it can become a game, time with mom or dad, and eventually becomes a pattern.

My daughter takes it once step further and makes art projects with her daughters (3 and 1/2 and 5 and 1/2) and decorates boxes for storage. (Yes, it's hereditary but my daughter takes it to a whole new level). Clean up becomes easier, and joint efforts are more fun.

Why not get started sooner than later? Contact me and I will be happy to talk to you and see what we can do together,

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