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I've been quite busy on two major projects and every time I begin I realize that when I walk into "THE SPACE" that's to be worked on I look around a few times and my eyes set upon a way to tackle that day's project.

Sometimes it's a small project and sometimes huge, but they both have one thing in common: A beginning! What's my goal? Where do I start?

The answer is always in one corner, or one "thing" and stay put!

Here's one project that I worked on this week...2 desk drawers. Just two...filled with all sorts of greeting cards for every occasion. The drawers were brimming with them and with random envelopes, all sizes.

Step one:

1. Make piles of each category...birthday, new baby, blank cards, thank you notes, etc.

2. Find envelopes that match.

3. Put each card under the flap of the envelope, with the front of the card facing out.

4. Rubber band the same category cards together with a post-it label on the top one.

5. Find a box or a drawer that fits all the cards so that you can stand them up behind one another. Of course, I would love the categories alphabetized so that you can pick what you need without wasting time.

6. Before you buy another card, check to see if you have one. If you buy a random card that is just perfect for someone, even though the occasion is not at hand, make a rubber banded category for that purpose. On your calendar...a few days before the event, write: I already bought a card and it is in the card pile. (See below).

8. Either throw out unmatched envelopes, use them for bill paying or receipt collecting, projects for the grandchildren, message pads....or here's a concept: Recycle them!

Step Two: Make a note either in your smart phone or inside a cabinet: WHERE THINGS ARE and add: greeting cards in top left drawer, etc. Survey, or review this "note" as a memory booster.

This type of project is terribly tedious to some...but not to me. Need your desk organized to simplify even small me. You'll be glad you did!

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