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Now, Where Did I Put That!? Saving Time...

This technique was inspired by a birthday party my eldest, then about 7 was going to attend…in ½ and hour!

I couldn’t find the gift I had bought weeks ago. That was the last time that happened. Here is a short list of ways to never revisit that situation:

  1. Make a designated bin, container, basket on a shelf labeled “gifts”. Put all gifts in there, even undesignated gifts for future use. If you are like me, you’ll have a bin for designated gifts and one for “just in case” gifts.

  2. Make a note on your calendar on the day of the event, for instance. Sue’s birthday, May 4, where you put the gift. This works really well if you are hiding a gift from a family member.

  3. The same concept applies to items that have to be returned, got example a library book on Tuesday. Mark in your calendar where you left the book.

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