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Organizing: High Tide, Low Tide

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, suggests that the ebb and flow of energy to organize can be overwhelming

De-cluttering and organizing can knock you over like a strong wave if you don't have a plan.

You have to test the waters first, and find your balance before entering, and never go in alone.

It's the same with organizing! Like watching the waves for safety you also need to be in tune with the ebb and flow of your time, strength and energy.

  • What's my plan? What am I working on and is it the priority?

  • Can I stick to one project at a time, without getting distracted? (For example, will I come across something and want to start working on that while the initial project remains undone)?

  • Will I get up and keep moving forward if I get overwhelmed?

  • Do I have someone with me to keep me on track? Do I need help?

  • Is this a good time to do this or would I be more effective at another time?

After you make the decision to take on a project you need supplies on hand!

  • A garbage can with extra bags?

  • If you are donating, a pad and pencil or some good way to record what you are giving up.

  • Blank labels, or index cards, scotch tape for identifying containers.

  • Containers to put like items together. I always suggest clear plastic bins.

  • Room to sort and lay things out:

  • A clean sheet over a big bed if you are doing a closet.

  • Cartons or containers to create a paper filing system.

  • Receptacles for large tossed garage items.

  • Cleaning spray for the newly uncovered shelves, etc.

  • Paper towels, rags, sponges, etc.

Now that you are ready to begin, take a deep breath, and get started.

  • Think of the calm seas ahead.

  • Be prepared to avoid the possible obstacles in the way.

  • Keep your eyes on the organized home.

CONTACT ME and I will help you achieve your goal!

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