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Organizing? Stop Chasing Your Tail!!

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, offers ways to be efficient

Here's how to make your organizing and decluttering take longer and be more frustrating:

Say: "I'll put it here, just for now."

  • You'll end up with lots of "just for now" stuff and more piles to sort.

  • You'll forget about it, or wave it off, or stuff it in a drawer that you just finished organizing. Ooops!

ANTIDOTE: Put it away right away!

  • Develop this habit immediately. Not easy, but vital.

  • Get the rest of the family to do the same.

  • Avoid future piles of "stuff."

Say: I can't give that up! That's from when...

  • You really can't keep everything forever, and you shouldn't.

  • Someone said to me today, "I wore this beautiful suit to my mom's funeral when I was a size 10 back then. I don't need suits anymore and I won't ever wear it again."

  • Your kids, if you are of a certain age, don't want your stuff. Sad, but true.


  • Make a meaningful clothing donation to a needy cause, such as women (or men) going back into the work force.

  • Take a photo of things you won't use, but still love and tell a story about the item.

  • Have a conversation with yourself: Why do I have this? Why do I have so many of these?

  • Ask yourself: Who could better use this? I actually heard a 7 year old whose toys we were working on together say, "I don't really play much with this anymore. Maybe there are children who don't have many toys who can use it."

Contact me to help you make more room in your closets, get rid of clutter and make the world a little better place.

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