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Organizing/Decluttering: Sabotaged by Surfaces!

Expert NJ Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, points out the pros and cons of storage boxes.

Is this you and your home or office:

  • Every surface is covered with something, or lots of things: loose papers, memos, photos, bills, and more?

  • You run out of surface so you buy a pretty decorator storage box or tray that holds the loose papers but you then pile the boxes or trays on top of one another?

  • You don't sort anything into the boxes or trays so your area may look nice, but it's really just prettied up clutter.

I love decorator storage boxes IF:

  • The papers inside are sorted and identified.

  • Perhaps you can color coordinate the outside color or pattern for different items:

  • Memorabilia

  • Photos

  • Bills to pay

  • Receipts (Although you should be scanning those).

  • You label what they contain for easy access.

  • They have specific shelves and are off the floor.

  • ​Too easy to have someone pick them up and move them to some other place.

  • Makes it difficult to sweep or vacuum.

Here are some things I usually find while helping clients sort through papers which minimizes the amount of storage boxes needed. (One client had at least 20 containers that were reduced to 8:

  • MONEY! (Un-cashed checks, gift cards and certificates)

  • Tickets to events

  • Invitations that need RSVP's

  • Memorabilia that you wanted to share

  • Important letters

  • You name it!

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, says organizing saves time.

Not being able to find what we're looking for right away adds to our already stressed lives.

  • Why not simplify the things that we can?

  • Give yourself the gift of freed up time!

To much to undertake? I can help!

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