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Organize and Refine Your Own Style

NJ Expert Organizer explains how you can use  your style but refine it.

I learn so much from each client who have very different projects. But I do see several commonalities:

  • Waiting until the clutter is so out of hand that it's overwhelming.

  • Trying to do everything at the same time and end up unproductive and yes, overwhelmed.

However the biggest common point is discomfort and fear in giving up a lifelong way of doing things.


Here are some illustrations:

  • Client #1 is a very tactile person.

  • As opposed to my favorite way of writing notes in my phone this client really needs to write notes in the morning on a piece of paper, as to what needs to get done. She puts the paper down and inadvertently puts something else on top of the paper.

  • Now the client is frustrated.

  • Writes the list again and now we have TWO pieces of paper.

  • Repeat and repeat.

  • Solution: Keep the habit that "makes you happy" and continue actually writing notes, but:

  • Use a bound notebook or journal of whatever size works for you.

  • Keep it with you.

  • Now you will always have your notes that you can add to, without losing anything.

  • Client #2: She's creative, inspired but often distracted by "finds" within the files.

  • This creates a little more piles of "things to do" with these "finds."

  • Or the initial task is abandoned to take care of the new thing at hand.

  • Often this takes her into another room and she starts doing something there.

  • Solution: Organize and de-clutter according to your personality:

  • Know your efficient time-frame limits.

  • If you like to be in more than one room at a time, split your time: 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there, (or whatever works).

  • But within those 15 minutes finish a task, even if it's only one corner, one drawer, one shelf.

  • You can go from room to room but don't leave one task in the middle

for another .

Comfort level is so very important while de-cluttering because it means letting go of not only long kept items, but old habits. Modifying them gets things done...a terrific accomplishment

Contact me so I can show you how you can be more productive and get more done.

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