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Organizing Has Different Styles!

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, asks how you know what works for you when organizing?

Happy New Year!

Is getting your desk, files and paper work under control and staying under control your New Year Resolution?

When organizing, either by yourself or with a professional, you have to feel comfortable with what works for you. Organizing is supposed to give you a sense of control, not increase your anxiety.

I worked over the holiday weekend with two clients who had very different styles and both they and I had to work within their construct. They had years of papers to sort, toss, shred or keep. What's your style:

Scenario # 1: Coming across a piece of paper, or an envelope with a contact name and number, do you:

  • Make another pile of things to take care of "later?"

  • Stop and put that reference in your phone and put that paper in the trash pile?

Scenario #2: Your desk is full of current paperwork, pens, clips, tape, etc. Do you:

  • Just deal with the paperwork and move the pens, etc. aside?

  • Do a quick clean up of the desk supplies to make the working space more manageable?

Scenario #3: Your floor is filled with "toss," "shred" and "keep" piles but you need more time to finish the job. Do you:

  • Leave the piles as they are since you will be adding to it the next time you get to organize?

  • Clean up the floor, putting trash in the garbage, put the recycling paper all together with your regular stash, and bagging the papers to be shredded, or shredding them yourself if you have the right equipment?

Scenario #4: You are going through drawers and files and you find something. You don't know where it belongs or specifically what to do with it. Do you:

  • Say, "Oh, just put it over there and I'll deal with it another time?

  • Say, "I better figure this out now or it will get lost again."

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, can help you develop organizing habits

Clearly, the second options are the ones that I prefer because you see progress right away, eliminate avoiding the mess again and get a feeling of satisfaction from your efforts, even if there's more work to be done.

But no matter your style, 2019 is here and it's a great time to get started creating new habits to getting and staying organized.

Contact me and I can work with you to straighten out your papers and files, with your style in mind.

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