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De-cluttering: Keep Your Sense of Humor!

NJ Expert Organizer Calms Your Fears About De-cluttering

De-cluttering your closets can be a nerve wracking experience!

Have you ever said anything like these comments?

  • Aww, my son made this for me in nursery school...ok, ok, he's 47 now, but still...

  • You want me to give away my majorette uniform...that I wore 20 years ago? But I was co-captain! (I do know someone that still has hers after 54 years).

How does so much "stuff" accumulate? Some things I learned that I can pass on to you:

  • Your memories get the best of you.

  • I kept a big long Rubber Maid container for each child, with every brilliant book report, report card, art project of their elementary school years. (Which I never looked at anyway).

  • When we were moving and they were adults already, I made them look through everything.

  • Each one wanted maybe one creative project and they took a photo of it. I'm sure by now they've probably deleted it, anyway).

  • You can't part with something that was a milestone marker, like the wedding gown:

  • I preserved my wedding gown, (back in the day before they were able to remove the air from the box).

  • I paid to include it in the move to 4 different homes.

  • My daughter didn't want to try it on, (she's 5 inches taller than me and built totally differently).

  • I finally opened the box and it was yellowed...all yellowed.

  • My intentions were all good, but perhaps I could have given it to a society for brides who couldn't afford their own.

  • We repurposed the wedding gown my daughter wore, donating the lace of the skirt to be the decorations for weddings held in our synagogue.

  • My daughter was right! Why take up room so that perhaps her daughter(s) will want to wear it? Unlikely.

  • You're sure you will lose weight and then you can wear those clothes again.

  • Every time I gained a size or two of clothes I held on to them in hopes to lose weight and get back into them.

  • Losing weight takes time, the season is over and even if they fit better, they're still not right.

  • When you do get into them the style isn't nearly popular, and you want to reward yourself with something new, anyway.

  • Isn't possible that someone else could use them?

  • Start a clothing swap club, donate your clothing, or bring them to a consignment shop. Just get them out of the closet.

NJ Expert Organizer helps you breath a happy sigh of relief.

One of the best feelings is that of breathing a sigh of relief and feeling terrific about what you've accomplished!

Contact me and we will tackle those closets, store those memories more efficiently and make your space roomier.

And remember, the holidays are coming. Why not give the gift of being organized to someone you care about.

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, offers gift certificates.

Finally, please "like and share" on all your social media.

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