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Declutter Dilemma: File, Scan or Toss?

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, explains what t do with paper clutter

Don't Pile...File!

But what papers should we file, what should we scan, and what, perish the thought, should we toss?

Points to ponder before deciding what to do:

  • What's my style?

  • Do I need to have papers to have at my fingertips for easy access?

  • Do I keep papers forever even though I don't remember what's there...but some day I may need it?

  • Do I let papers pile up, either on my desk or on any surface I can find?

  • Am I comfortable on the computer?

  • ​Do I have a scanner and do I use it?

  • If I don't know how to already, will I learn to make categorized folders?

  • What do I need to keep vs. what do I want to keep? We save and value different things at different ages. When the time comes to relocate for work or downsize for convenience and/or aging, we have to consider the following:

  • Moving is very expensive. Do I want to pay to keep these files?

  • Will I have room to keep all of this paper?

Let's face it. Times are changing and not moving along with them can be burdensome, time consuming and anxiety producing.

  • When buying with a credit/debit card the store automatically has a record of your purchase. No need to keep the receipt. (Live dangerously)

  • Go paperless and get your bank statements emailed to you. You can then review old bank statements on line and if you should need a hard copy, just print out what you need.

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, differentiates between needless papers and memories

There's nothing wrong with being sentimental and keeping important documents, such as diplomas, report cards, special greeting cards, etc. It all depends on how much room you have.

  • Take photos of the insides of meaningful greeting cards and keep them on your phone. You're more likely to look at them there then in a box on the top of the closet.

  • Your report cards or your kids? Big clue: The kids won't want them. Scan them to save room in your own home. Send the file to them. They'll look at them, maybe, and then ultimately hit "delete."

  • Old original hand written letters from parents, grandparents, friends? Recipe cards handed down, perhaps with stains on them, of course save them, perhaps in a decorative box and keep them on display. The same with loose photos. They make great conversation starters.

Contact me and together we will set up a filing system that is space and time management efficient and keeps important documents at hand.

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, suggests gift certificates to help your friends and family get organized.

Why not give your friends and family the gift of being organized? Gift certificates available.

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