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Organize Any Space With One Approach

NJ Expert Organizer Marilyn Shain Labendz gives examples to tune up your organizing talent

We tune up our cars and hopefully our bodies, right? How about tuning up our organizing skills to make life easier?

The first thing to realize is that the very same organizing principles apply to putting anything and everything in a manageable order.

Whether you are undertaking a huge task or a small one, the process is the same. Think wide to narrow. Set up your overview, the framework, divide into categories and sections and keep modifying.

Here are the organized" organizing steps" to get started...and get finished!

1. Get an overview...set up a long table, or two, to hold the items you are de-clutteringr. The ideal would be to empty the targeted space: the garage, the pantry, your desk, your closet, etc. If you can't empty the whole space, work in sections but understand that things will be moved back and forth as a system forms.

2. Separate the items according to their general purpose. Finer distinctions are for later.

3. Prioritize the "piles" according to immediate needs: If you are organizing piles of papers there will undoubtedly be a "What am I supposed to do with this?" pile. Tackle that later when you have new energy.

4. Discard anything that you won't need or won't use, now that you can see everything clearly. If it's paperwork, have either a garbage or shredder right at hand. Just working in a cleaner, more open space will make you feel lighter.

5. Make a "Give away" and/or a sell/donate pile and toss things in the appropriate pile. Then put these piles or boxes aside.

6. TAKE A BREAK until you are ready to work in the same way with the remaining piles/boxes. (Clearly, if it's clothing you have to put them back in the closet, but if it's your desk you are working on, get "sticky notes" to describe what is in the pile and what you need to do with it later.

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, encourages you to organize according to your own style

YOU are the one who has to function and manage your space and so the resulting organization has to reflect YOU.

  1. In a garage it could be by season or purpose, for example.

  2. On your desk you may prefer color coordinated files in a cabinet or pretty bins in a shelf system.

  3. In a pantry you may prefer categories of food that go together vs. alphabetizing your to your items for easy access and time saving.

NJ Export Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, offers gift certificates to organize your family and friends.

Why not offer the gift of time and organization to a dear friend or family member?

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