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Avoid The Crush of De-Cluttering

Expert Organizer Marilyn Shain Labendz helps you avoid the crush of clutter

You know those thoughts: "I'll put it away later." "I'll just put it here for the time being." It's not that can wait."

Before you know it, the little notes pile up, the glasses on the counter multiply, and soon enough you're inundated with things to sort out. YUCK!!!!

Get out from under by just one small, simple thing: Break the pattern of procrastination. (For me, it's taking the glass on my nightstand to the kitchen sink as soon as I leave the bedroom, otherwise the next morning there will be 2 glasses).

Many of the clutter pitfalls are so easy to avoid:

  • Have a special spot for your keys and put them there upon entering your home.

  • Open your mail over the garbage/or recycling bin. That's one pile less off the bat.

  • Everyone hangs up their coat, puts bags away, (remember cubbies from last week?)...even if they are going out again in a short while.

  • As soon as the papers are read, put them in the recycling pile, not on the couch or table.

  • Take the few extra seconds needed to put something that is out of place back where it belongs.

  • If you have small children this is a great opportunity for "star charts" for helping.

NJ Expert Organizer urges you to take that first step to declutter

"Never leave the room empty-handed."

That's the rule at the busy diner where my husband worked as a waiter. That's my point...take something with you and put it away immediately and your house will look neater.

You're on your way! Need help? Contact me!

NJ Expert Organizer Marilyn Shain Labendz offers Gift Certificates

Won't you please consider a loving gift of organizing help to someone special?

And please don't forget to share this blog on all your social media. I so appreciate it.

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