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Organizing ... The Battle to Finish the Project

NJ Expert Marilyn Shain Labendz helps strategize wisely

Warning: Giving up almost at the finish line can undo the whole race!

We have no problem finishing that last piece of pie, or staying up late for that last episode of the show we are binge-watching, without any thought at all as to the negative consequences.

So why do we struggle with that final part of a project that once accomplished could bring pleasure and pride?

Here are some situations that can cause difficulties in completing the task:

  • We wait too long to start our project and now our deadline is unrealistic: Sometimes deadlines work well but life often gets in the way to finish that last bit. If you are a procrastinator to begin with, (or your spouse is...ahem) then it's tempting to say that you'll finish it "over the weekend." But over the weekend other things come up.

  • Setting an unrealistic goal: We reach a point of true displeasure and "We can't tolerate" the way a room, garage, kitchen, etc. looks and functions for even one more day, so we tackle the entire project immediately. We feel compelled to do more and more, often feeling terrific about our energy level out...of...steam with about 10% more to finish. Somehow, it's this piece that we never get to.

  • Seeing the project as distasteful and never ending instead of looking ahead at the feeling of accomplishment and freedom in our newly manageable space.

NJ Expert, Marilyn Labendz, creates a  workable strategy to get you to the finish line of your project.

NEWS FLASH! It's not a race against time. It's not a race against others. It's just getting to the goal line.

Contact me and we can make a plan, a schedule and get your project done easily and stress free. I'd love to help.

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