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Re-Organizing: Even Experts Need It!

Getting organized to set a lovely table


I was preparing for a very casual "coffee and..." farewell get together for a friend and we were to be 4 women.

I ran into a few problems before and after.

  • I took out a variety of little pitchers for different types of coffee lighteners. (When we moved I got rid of lots of them and saved about 8 different sizes).

  • I wanted to use my mom's favorite dessert set that I kept when we sold her house. I packed and organized my extra closet with special dishes, but I only found the cups and saucers. No cake plates to be found. (Guess what my next adventure will be!)


No way was everything going to fit back onto the 2 shelves of my side board from whence they came. Even the Organizer needed re-organizing!

  • I took everything out and to my amazement found some items I hadn't seen or remembered in a very long time.

  • Somehow I couldn't fit everything back in, especially the candy bowls, etc.

  • In order to maximize space I had to re-organize by re-evaluating my sweet possessions.

  • What if I don't find the dinner plates to that set of my mom's?


  • Minimize: I actually decided that I didn't need every little bowl and candy dish. (Imagine that)! I am getting rid of several:

  • Re-purpose: bring some candy or nuts, etc, in the bowl to a friend's home and let them keep the bowl as a token. Yes, I would admit that the bowl was mine but I wanted her to have it and think of me.

  • Re-purpose: I made a display of 3 craft type bowls on my dining room table. If it doesn't "work", I will re-organize again...and give at least one away. After all, I hadn't used them in a very long time.

  • Re-evaluate: My husband and I are anticipating the need for supplies coming into our home and I can't imagine where I will put them. I am happily mentally reviewing, re-evaluating and re-organizing my shelves and closets...because I know I can re-evaluate what I still have and re-organize to find room.

Be pleasantly surprised by re-organizing with Marilyn Shain Labendz

YOU will be pleasantly surprised by how much room you can find by evaluating what you can get rid of and re-organizing the new space!

Contact me and I will get you there in no time!

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