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4 Ways Organizing and Jigsaw Puzzles Are Alike

NJ Organizing Expert, Marilyn Shain Labendz will help you make organizing less of a puzzling

When you start organizing don't you often say "So where should this go?"

Projects can be like jigsaw pieces: scattered, complex and overwhelming.

I watched my little granddaughters and their mom do a 200 piece puzzle by being organized. Here are some similar points:

1. First the girls look at the picture on the box...they have a vision.

2. Next, they sort the pieces...edges first. Whatever you are organizing, start with like items.

3. When the edges are pieced together, they join them, creating the frame for the puzzle, the bones of your project.

4. Finally, they work on sections on the inside, the details. They figure out the placement for each piece and join the whole thing together.

I worked on a deep pantry overloaded with many types of food. I removed all the food, sorted them around the room as to category, (canned tomatoes, snacks, grains, etc). Next I chose the shelves for each category, (the frame). Finally, I placed the food inside their proper section, and voila! The puzzle was solved and the pantry was done.

Marilyn helps you organize according to your style.

Organizing is NOT Black and White!

In organizing there is no one rule, no right way. The most important is to find YOUR style.

Closets can be sorted by seasons, sleeve length, color, solids vs prints, fancy vs everyday. Your choice.

Kitchens can boast a style of bare counters, decorative or utilitarian with appliances concealed or displayed.

Linen closets can be versatile storing linens of any nature, extra storage space, a spot for travel items, or a combination of all, depending on the amount of space you have and what you want to allocate it for.

Marilyn Shain NJ Organizing Expert makes organizing fun.

Bottom line: Your entire space should reflect you and your needs organized so that you function at your best.

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