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Disarray Is Not The Way

Organize Your

Value YOURSELF, your time and your efforts!

Just yesterday I saw a client of mine and I asked how his clothes closets were looking. His immediate response was, "I know, I know. You want me to take the clothing from the cleaners out of the plastic, and put the shirts and pants with their "friends" as soon as I get them in my bedroom. But I don't have time and so I just hang it in the front section of the closet."

Upon further questioning, I learned that the front of the closet now extends to the middle. As a result, instead of doing a 5 minute job or less, he has five - 5 minute jobs, and if he avoids doing those the closet will be back to the way it was in no time. My client needs to be kinder to only costs 5 minutes.

Smart phones are smart tools. Don't have one? Use a small tabbed journal that you carry with you.

I was a teacher. I always had to have pen and paper nearby to take notes, jot down information quickly, remember where I put something, make a shopping list. Then someone taught me how to use the smart phone and I now I barely use paper. Here are a few hints for the "NOTES" section on your phone. I have so many.

1. Make a new "file" or category when you need a separate note. My phone has over 80 files at my fingertips. Can you imagine how much paper that would take? If in conversation with a friend I need to share a website with her, I don't need to be in my house to access it.

2. I take notes at medical appointments. One file per doctor. I can always refer back to the information that is key to my family's health.

3. When talking on the phone and needing to make a date, I put the phone on speaker, at a low volume, and go to the calendar app. Simple. I don't have to spend time later calling someone back, or forgetting to make that call. Less pressure!

I can organize your phone for your needs in ways you may not have imagined.

Here's a delicious thought: Treat Yourself!

Time is not a luxury, it's a precious commodity. YOU deserve to have more of it. You will be so gratified when you do.

Why not let an expert take a look at even a small project and give you some ideas as to how to simplify your life, leaving fun for...maybe an ice cream party!

Contact me and we can make an appointment right away.

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