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What Do Diagramming Sentences Have in Common With Organized Spaces? Lots!

A Place for Everything can show you how to straighten out your space.

This diagram will either give you the creeps or will bring back fond memories of grammar.

(Yes, we nerds are out there).

The diagram at the right, by Pop Chart Lab, is the opening sentence of Kafka's Metamorphasis.

Oddly enough, NPR.ORG ran an article that appeared on FaceBook about the lost art of diagramming sentences around the time I was in a client's large walk in closet that needed tender loving care. I saw the similarities immediately. Organizing your space efficiently is no different that putting the elements of your sentences in their proper places so you can see their function clearly and efficiently.

Let's look at the similarities:

* Looking at a well diagrammed sentence shows you where the different parts of speech in a sentence go. Looking at even a simple sentenced diagram shows you essentially, "who is doing what to whom." You can look at a diagrammed sentence and know who the subject, the verb and the object, etc.

are at a glance. The sentence makes sense.

A glance at a well organized! closet shows you each of the parts of your wardrobe, skirts, dresses, long sleeved, short sleeved, dressy, casual, each in its own place. You don't have to rifle through lots of extra clothing to find complementary pieces. Getting dressed, and certainly packing for a trip, makes sense.

* Diagramming sentences is essentially a labeling process and everything has its proper place. So too, with closets, in particular. Some people can just eyeball their closet and know where everything is. Others need the guidance of labels...right on your shelves, or boxes. The labels can be as specific as the intricate diagram above, (summer shirts, long sleeved shirts, over the head sweaters, cardigans) or just the broader categories...shirts, pants, skirts...etc.

Once you label sections you are no longer rifling through all your clothes to find the one piece you need.

BUT ... There's one happy difference between organizing and diagramming:

There are no actual rules in organizing your space!

When you're organized, you'll want to throw a party. Contact A Place for Everything.

Organizing is personal and tailored to your needs. When I help you organize your closet, for example, the system is based on your personal habits and needs.

If you prefer to hang your camisoles in one spot, fine. If you prefer to put each one under the shirt or top you pair it with, that's also fine.

It's all about making the system work for you and save you time and energy...whatever the room or space that I help you with.

Contact me so that I can devise a system that works for you...and I can even diagram a sentence or two, if you need it!

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