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Don't Get Freezer "Burned"!

Need you freezer organized? Marilyn can help!

How do you go from a home with FOUR freezers, including the largest Sub-Zero side by side and a full size standing freezer, to an apartment size freezer that measures 24" x 16" ?

That's what I had to do. Here are some really helpful hints.

1. When you purchase your meat and poultry take an hour or so to marinate each type for an hour or so or even overnight if you need more time to accomplish this task.

2. Once marinated, I wrap the items individually, or portion size, in plastic wrap and then in freezer bags. I label each bag with the type of marinade and what the pieces are. (Herbed chicken legs, etc.)

3. I am in love with InterDesign Binz for refrigerator and freezers. (I confess, I use them for pantries and cabinets, too). I have one for marinated meat, poultry, ice cubes, etc. This is so handy because when planning dinner you only have to make side dishes as you've defrosted the main part of the meal which just has to be cooked. And labeling the type of marinade, you know what type of side dishes will go well with the chicken/poultry.

Here's what is in my freezer now, remember 24"x16"...and we ate the large brisket that was also in there! (10 cups of chicken soup, 4 hamburgers, 2 large lamb chops, 2 eye of the rib steaks, 3 rib steaks, 1/2 London broil, 1 veal chop, marinated chicken wings, 21 chicken legs, a bag of frozen blueberries, 2 frozen breads, a box of veggie burgers, 2 cans of coffee AND THERE'S ROOM FOR MORE!

Contact me and I can give you even more personalized suggestions!

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