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How To Create Lists...

Creating a list to straighten out your mess is the first step. Contact Marilyn Labendz for help.

Making lists is a vital part of being organized and sometimes, even sane. The older I get, the more information my lists contain.

I had a fabulous teacher in the 9th grade, Mr. John J. O’Rourke who taught us how to outline anything and I took to it like a duck takes to water.

Roman Numerals: major sections, Capital letters within, the major subsets, numbers are the details.

Here’s an example in my “Notes” folder in my phone. (Yes, I am very proud that I have eliminated papers with notes scribbled on them…which inevitably always got lost).



  1. Joe and tell him….(That way when he picks up you won’t be embarrassed by not why you called).

  2. Mary…can she babysit tonight


  1. Food shopping: (the list of what to buy is in another note on my phone).

  2. Cleaners—pick up suit

  3. Library-drop off books

You can further organize the lists by “Things to do in the morning”, “Critical” etc.

A wise word from my mom about list making: Some years ago, when all 3 kids were still at home, giving lots of chores, etc. I was particularly frazzled…maybe even fried. I called my mom crying, “I just can’t get everything done. I try to make organized lists so that I am not helter skelter.” In her calm way, she said, “Hmmm, well, maybe your list is too long.”

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