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Organizing: Best Way to Multitask

NJ Expert Organizer, Marilyn Shain Labendz, says that an organized plan lessens multitasking.


Having to do a multitude of tasks, seemingly all at the same time is unnerving, daunting and aggravating.

There are some tricks to avoid going over the edge as the "witching hour" approaches.


Before you go to bed, take 5 minutes and lay out your plan for the next day:

  • What calls, to whom and what needs to be discussed.

  • where and the purpose.

  • Plan your errands geographically so you save time, energy and gas!

  • Tasks at home. (Emptying the dishwasher, etc).

  • Any time-specific places you have to be.

  • Hint: I love to make my lists on my phone because as I accomplish something I erase it. Gone!

Whose help can you enlist? Your kids! Your partner!

  • Kids love to help. From a young age on my kids helped empty the dishwasher. “Can you put all the spoons in a pile? What a good helper! You’re such a good sorter!” The truth of the matter was that we were playing together, I got help, but they got an early understanding that there is a place for everything.

Hints on how to get help with less resistance:

  • Don't ask, "Who would like to help me?" Everyone will be suddenly busy.

  • The better alternative is "Which would you rather do, sort the laundry or do the dinner dishes?"

  • And my new favorite, "Are you old enough to ...(fill in the task).


  • Just because you need something done, doesn't mean that the other members of your family feel your sense of urgency. (Shout out to my kids for pointing this out).

  • Assign the task and ask that it be done by a certain time. You'll avoid hounding them and they will be happy not to be nagged.

NJ Organizing Expert, Marilyn Shain Labendz, says that the worst mistake is making your list too long.

My mom's best advice:

Years ago I was spiraling and frustrated that I didn't get what I had planned to done completely done. I was totally organized, lists made down to the nth degree but unsuccessful in completing the tasks. I called my mom to "vent" and she simply said: "Maybe your list is too long."

CONTACT ME and I will share some more wisdom and experience with you and get you organized in no time!

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