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How To Get Organized by Making Wise Choices

NJ Organizational Expert, Marilyn Labendz, will help you organize your space making wise choices.

Making choices...

We hear so much about healthy foods, what's in and what's out, what will make us healthier and what will be detrimental.

So we try to choose carefully how we nourish our bodies. But do we choose wisely as to how we keep our space so that our life is lighter and more easily managed?


Here is a very short list of items we should really toss...regularly.

It's just a beginning point. Remember, less is more.

  • Magazines that you have read already. Either donate them, give them to someone who can use them for art projects, or recycle them.

  • Magazines that you have for 3 months or more that you haven't gotten to. If you haven't read them yet, chances are you won't.

  • Receipts and bills...these can be scanned or you can take a photo of them and make a folder on your phone. Stores keep computerized records of your purchases so if you need to exchange or return anything you are in their system. Why keep excess paper?

  • Expired medicines or empty vials, vitamins, and over the counter medicines. A messy medicine cabinet can lead to serious problems.

  • Sample sizes of toiletry and cosmetic items you really don't need or use. These should be donated to shelters. This will lessen your load while making a difference in someone else's life.

  • Anything broken or with missing, a deck of 51 cards, single earrings, etc.

  • Chargers and wires for electronics you no longer have.

  • Socks without matches. (Don't you hate them?)

Expert organizer, Marilyn Labendz, details the steps to organize your clutter, one step at a time.

Prioritize your needs, clean out and declutter, and organize...

What's left is a big project that begins with one step and then another.

Here is the challenge: Choose one corner of one room, or one drawer, and go through everything. Clean, toss, replace the remainder.

If this process is overwhelming at all, then do yourself a favor:

Contact me and I will do the work for you and teach you how as we go along.

A friendly suggestion: Don't know what to give a friend or relative when a gift is in order?

Gift Certificates available for Organizing Services by Marilyn Labendz.

Gift Certificates are available upon request!

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