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Getting Organized-From Before to After

The "before" photo of any project is the most difficult, seconded only by envisioning what the "after" photo will look like.

That's why we all need help sometimes and we call on people who are talented in the areas that we are not and can mentor us. Here are some before and after photos of some spaces that overwhelmed my clients at the beginning but who have managed to maintain the new organization easily as I set it up for them according to their needs.

Everything needs a place to call home. Even toys.

By moving some things around after sorting through everything, we have a Lego area, and a clear play table, (below left) and an arts and crafts area with everything readily accessible. Kudos to the children of this home who have managed to keep the space neat and clean. (If you want more before and after photos of this project, let me know).

Got a messy toy room? Organizing expert Marilyn Shain Labendz can help you.

Finding the  right space for everything

Without an organized pantry you can't find what you need so you buy more, further crowding your space.

How can you see the "after" when the "before" is so daunting. Much like the toy room above, I had to remove everything, sort it, and then put it back in an organized, accessible fashion. I am a big believer in clear bins with labels so everyone in the family knows what belongs where. It's easy to keep the system organized.

Messy pantries make more work for you in the kitchen. Marilyn Shain Labendz can organize your kitchen pantry.

Marilyn Shain Labendz, organizational expert, can organize pantry storage bins with labels.

In order to get from the "before" photo to the "after" photo you have to take the first step.

There's no time like now to start your journey to organizing any project, from a small pile of papers on your desk to a huge office, or from a tiny food cabinet to a butler's pantry.

Getting organized begins with the first step

Contact me and I will help you, hold your hand or even do the whole project for you. You will be glad that you got "in step."

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