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Get Rid of the Junk in Your Junk Drawer

Marilyn Labendz can free your junk drawer of junk

What's drawer is the most used by everyone in the family? The JUNK drawer.

What drawer is the most appropriately named drawer? The JUNK drawer!

What's wrong with having a "Junk Drawer?"

Have YOU ever reached into a messy junk drawer and stuck your finger into a thumbtack, for example?

If we think about it, isn't it silly to have a space, or spaces, dedicated to "junk?" The name itself connotes that we don't know what the content is for, that we really don't need it, and that we are merely tossing it aside to deal with it later, all the while adding more stuff to it.

Ridiculous...and we have all been there.

Here are 7 easy steps to get rid of the junk in your junk drawer and keep miscellaneous items readily accessible.

1. Be prepared to start the project: If you don't already have one, either buy or make yourself a desk divider system. Make sure your divider has provisions for small items, long items and a wider section If you are creative, you can make them it out of cereal boxes. as well

2. Completely empty the drawer over a fairly large area, such as a counter or table. Have a garbage bag handy. You will need it.

3. Toss anything that is too dusty or dirty to use as you go along. If you say, "Eeeeew" that's a clue you don't want that item.

4. Segregate similar items in one area. Erasers, staplers, computer wires, calculators, clips, tape measures, staple removers, etc. You get the idea.

5. Check to see if a particular item actually still works. For example, phone cords that don't match any phones you use; pens that don't write; nearly finished rolls of tape, etc.

6. Get rid of unnecessary multiples and unnecessary items. Clearly, we all have a calculator on our phones, iPads and computers. Those little ones in our desk just take up space. Similarly, who needs 3 staplers, 20 pens and 5 rulers, etc.?

You will be astonished at what you have accumulated by mindlessly tossing things in that space. Just keep what is necessary. You can give away or donate the usable extras, and throw out the rest!

7. Place what remains back in the divided drawer. It's astonishing to see how an orderly drawer can make you feel terrific.

Expert organizer, Marilyn Labendz, shares her strategies.

Getting rid of the junk in your "junk drawer" is a terrific first step in organizing your life. Here's why:

Every time I organize someone's junk drawer I find "gold": Important receipts, un-cashed checks, critical little notes , etc. It's rare that I don't find some cash. Lucky you!

It's empowering. You go to your junk drawer often. You need something in it, you find it right away, (and you put it right back)!

If that mess is conquered, you can face the next one!

Contact me! I will empower you, organize you and make your life easier!

Please don't forget to share and like on all your social media sites and tell your friends. I appreciate it.

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