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5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Closet Space

Need to increase your closet space? Marilyn Shain Labendz is an organizational expert.

So, your closet has overwhelmed you, you're stuck in quicksand...

Guess what? You have more closet space than you realize!

I received a call from a feisty 89 year old woman who was drowning in her closets. She couldn't find anything, there was no order, no space and certainly her clothes were not easily accessible. AND they were all squished together.

In two hours we increased the space in her 2 side by side closets by 1/3. And she only gave away two sweaters and a small beach robe.

Want to learn how to increase your closet space? Here are 5 easy steps...

  • Use only those flat felt covered hangers that are sold all over and on line.

  • First of all it creates a uniform look that is appealing when you open your closet. Next, everything hangs at the same height. (

  • Curved hangers, wire hangers, thin or thick plastic hangers all take up too much room.)

  • Finally, NO WIRE HANGERS. (Perish the thought).

  • Each item gets its own hanger.

  • No more vertical blouse, shirt, or skirt hangers. They simply take up too much room because they add bulk. It sounds counterintuitive, I know.

  • However, in actuality they lie on top of one another taking up horizontal inches. And they add time and more work to your getting dressed routine when you find out that the shirt you chose, the one underneath one or two others is wrinkled. Bummer!

  • (I do admit I have a little more patience with vertical slacks hangers...sometimes).

  • Make one side of your closet for longer hanging items, especially if you have those side by side sliding door closets.

  • Even though my client is really feisty and agile she knows she shouldn't be standing on a step stool to get her sweaters down from the shelf above the hanging rod, and so we were creative.

  • We made one side of one closet for blouses freeing up the floor space for a 2 tiered shelf for her sweaters on one side and shoes on the other.

  • Now she can sit on the step stool to access the sweaters rather than risk falling while climbing for them.

  • Keep your clothing in categories.

  • Not everyone likes to bother color coordinating their clothes but it really does save time and energy.

  • By hanging related colored shirts/blouses together, it makes quick work out of picking out an outfit.

  • Unless you have a separate closet for special occasion clothing put your rarely worn items to the far end of the hanging rod. You'll know they are there but they can be hung a little more closely freeing up more space for everyday items.

The best part of the project was hearing my client's remarks! After we spent the time and effort to increase her closet space, this is what she said...

NJ Organizational expert, Marilyn Shain Labendz can help you organize your closets and more.

"Oh, my goodness! This is a miracle. I can see all my clothes at a glance.

I feel as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders!"

Contact me to feel the same excitement your closets.

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